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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Voter Registration Committee Update!

Hi Everyone,

I'm posting this because Josh told me to.

Gail Schnitzer and I had a meeting with County Clerk Mark Shelden to discuss various student voting issues. We thought it went really well!

First, we're going to work with him to send out the usual primary election mass mail and we'll include in this mass mail our efforts to take students to vote early.

Second, we can do a deputy registrar class on campus in April. I'll let folks know when we work the details out, but it'd be great to have deputy registrars available at move in during the fall and at other events to make voting simpler for students.

Third, Mark Shelden agreed to try to look into getting locked boxes for voter registration forms in the dorms if we can get him permission to do so from housing.

Fourth, he gave us info on how we can get money from HAVA to support student non-partisan poll assistants. Apparently there are students in Peoria utilizing this money right now.

Lastly, he agreed to look into getting the technology ready for an early voting terminal for campus, but can't promise that he'll be able to do it in November or for this election.

Also, if anyone is interested in helping with our effort to take people to vote early, please come to our next meeting on Wed. March 1 at 9 in the ISS office. We will be taking people to the polls in the VIP vans on March 13, 14, and 15.

And, don't forget to vote! The primary election is March 21 (during Spring Break). If you're not registered or registered at the wrong address, you can still register up until March 7 if you go to the County Clerk's office. You'll have to vote when you register though.
You can vote early from Feb. 27 - March 16!
The County Clerk's office is at 1776 E. Washington in Urbana.
Visit for more info on what ID to bring.

-Jen Walling
Graduate College
Co-Chair ISS Student Voter Registration Committee


Blogger Josh Rohrscheib said...

Thanks for posting Jen, you guys are doing great already - I just wanted to make more people aware of how things are going.

10:41 AM CST  
Anonymous Marcin Kulis said...

Can you fucking people stop sending mass emails? It's a great way to abuse your mass email power, I know. Holy shit. You fucktards just keep sending me emails telling me to vote for you. You people are in the biggest circle jerk on campus. F-U-C-K O-F-F

11:42 PM CST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Incidentally, with all the emails, why no link to voting on the ISS main page?

6:53 PM CST  
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